BLAZE Design Inc.: There for All of Your Land Surveying Needs


Land surveys are an important part of any building or construction project, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are many different types. Depending on the size and type of the project, one can determine exactly what type of survey needs to be done to move the construction project forward.


At BLAZE Design Inc., we perform many of these survey types and we feel that it’s extremely important for you to be able to understand each of them before you can truly determine what you need.


Boundary – Boundary surveys provide information as to where property lines lay on a portion of land in a deed. A boundary survey may also assist a builder in understanding any state or local limitations or rules imposed on the land. This type of survey is most necessary when purchasing a portion of land, or when an owner is building or subdividing a piece of property. Often the information that is provided in boundary surveys is utilized in court proceedings that involve boundary disputes.


Subdivision – Subdivision surveys are needed when a builder or land owner is seeking to split a large portion of land into smaller portions. Builders can also use subdivision surveys to help determine the difference in the rules and regulations for residential lots as opposed to commercial properties. A land owner may want to break up a large piece of land into both residential and commercial lots, and they will need to know how to categorize each.


Topographic – Topographic surveys assist in providing information on identifying the condition of the ground surface, inclusive of the contours of the earth, existing buildings, manholes, utility equipment and existing trees and other natural plant life. Topographic surveys are used in residential building projects, or projects adding new roads or driveways to a residential property. These types of surveys assist builders and designers in knowing where property lines exist and helps them to map out any obstacles that may hinder the building process.


ALTA/ACSM – The purpose of ALTA/ACSM land surveys is to combine the information of boundary and topographic surveys. The information is then formed into a map to show the property boundaries and all of the improvements that have been made. These surveys are mainly used on commercial property projects and used by prospective buyers and lenders who need to examine if improvements to a property, such as new parking areas or new buildings, are in the correct locations.


FEMA Flood Surveys – FEMA flood surveys are studies that provide analysis of records of rainfall, storms and river flow of the surrounding community. This study will show the risks of flood in the area where construction projects are being considered or are already in progress.


As-Built – As-Built surveys are surveys that are done in the midst of or immediately after a construction project is completed. These surveys are done as a record and a type of evaluation for payment purposes. Any elements of a completed construction project that are in need of evaluation are presented on an As-Built report and documents the location of these recently built or placed elements. The report is often used to compare the completed project with the original design documents.


Hydrological and Construction Layout – At BLAZE Design Inc., we also offer many other services for construction projects of all sizes, such as Hydrological surveys, which assist in mapping out coastlines and seabeds for building and navigation purposes.


BLAZE also offers construction layout services, which are vital to help guide construction projects, such as the planning of new buildings or roadways. These surveys provide topography information, inclusive of existing buildings and many times, underground infrastructure such as sewers.


Whatever your survey needs for your current projects, we are able to provide them in a professional and efficient manner. BLAZE can also provide referral services for many construction needs that we do not provide. BLAZE Design Inc. is with you throughout the entire process to help you move towards a successful completion.