Land Use Planning

Land-Use Planning & Surveying in Vermont

Land use planning is an important first step on a wide range of different projects. Before you get started with any building on a new plot, call BLAZE Design Inc. to help you put your plan together.

Every different tract of land has different features and aspects that need to be considered when planning development. Water features may require preventative measures to protect against runoff or contamination, or terrain features may necessitate additional design to mitigate flood risks.

Working with David E. Spurr at BLAZE Design Inc., you will receive the help of a professional with more than 40 years of experience working on projects in both New York and Vermont. Licensed in both states, Spurr and BLAZE Design Inc. has assisted with a range of development projects, including road and rail route plans, telecommunication site planning and more. BLAZE Design Inc. also works on both residential and commercial properties, and on properties as small as less than an acre to 100s of acres in size.

To find out more about having a land use survey at your new property, give BLAZE Design Inc. a call today at 802-442-2892 or fill out our form.