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Instances Where a Land Survey Proves Useful

Instances Where a Land Survey Proves Useful

At BLAZE not only do we think it’s needed for any major land-related undertaking, but also, it can prove useful in a handful of scenarios that many people do not immediately think of.

Here are a few instances where it’s good to have a land survey done:

Construction Projects Instances Where a Land Survey Proves Useful

Most municipalities or states require a land survey before any sort of construction project, or renovation. That way, you know everything about the land that you need to know, before you start working. This can prevent delays down the road, meaning less loss of time, and money.

Subdivision of Land

If you plan on divvying up your land into different parcels for either commercial or retail use, conducting a proper land survey is simply essential. It’ll help you divide up the land in a fair and equitable way, preventing potential conflict later on. Additionally, land surveys are also useful in boundary line adjustments, the moving of the line that conjoins two properties.

Selling Land

We cannot stress this enough: anyone who’s looking to sell their land to a potential buyer, or developer, should get a land survey done, first and foremost. There are really two reasons why. First, buyers will trust a seller who has a great deal of land property information available, due to a survey. And second, a seller with more information available to them knows the true value of the land.

Conflict of Use

Unfortunately, property conflicts and conflicts of use are not rare. Neighbors often quarrel about what a land can be used for, or where a property’s boundaries lie, creating what could potentially be a drawn-out legal battle that no one wants to pay for. But a land survey can prevent all of that—you’ll know exactly what the land can be used for, and where it starts, or stops. Resolution is the name of the game.

Zone Classification

Figuring out what a land can be zoned for—be it commercial, residential, or industrial use—is often tricky for landowners. But having a survey in hand can clear up many of the questions you may have. It goes without saying: this will make any purchase or sale easier for you.

If you have any questions about land surveys, and their variety of uses, we here at BLAZE Design are happy to help. Contact us today!

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