Drones: Possibly a New Tool for Land Surveying

The surveying industry has forever been changed by the newest trend on the market – drones.

For years, it has been common for land surveyors to use laser scanners to measure properties of all sizes and collect the data needed for assessment, construction and permitting. The invention of drones with laser scanners, however, has made it easier to collect information rapidly, efficiently and in locations that were previously difficult to reach.

Drones and Land SurveyingLike all new technology there are pros and cons to using drones to survey land. According to Smart GeoMetrics, drones are becoming popular among land surveyors because they have the ability to scan wide stretches of terrain quickly and accurately while flying at high speeds. As time passes, the technology is becoming more affordable and advanced and will continue to do so.

So, why doesn’t everyone use drones? Well, first, there are some legal concerns, especially since the FAA only recently finalized rules for flight and private owner registration. There are also safety and privacy concerns at play, as the use of drones in crowded residential areas leaves some people uneasy. Last, there’s a level of comfort with the technology which is something that will develop as drones become more and more commonplace instead of an infrequent and alien sight.

With some time, it seems that the positives of using drones for land surveying will heavily outweigh the negatives. More and more land surveyors are adding drones to their fleet of instruments to make their portfolio more impressive. Plus, with the use of a drone, surveyors can spend more time analyzing data rather than gathering it.

When hiring a land surveyor, it is important to choose a professional who has knowledge and expertise of the newest technology in the field to provide you with an accurate and efficient assessment. Owner and surveyor David E. Spurr of BLAZE Design has been committed to providing excellence to his clients for more than 30 years. BLAZE Design stays up to date on the latest surveying technologies and advancements so that we can provide the highest quality and most accurate service to our customers to meet all of their surveying needs. Learn more about our team and see how we can help with your surveying or planning project today by calling 802-442-2892 to schedule an appointment.