Home Remodeling? Make Sure to Contact a Land Surveyor

Land Survey for home remodel

Land surveyors take on many roles and are irreplaceable on a plethora of different projects. They are a huge part of large building construction projects, such as malls, large building complexes, skyscrapers, highway, and railway construction and planning. That being said, many don’t consider their use or importance on private home construction. However, a land surveyor can serve many important roles when it comes to this type of construction work.

The Purpose of Land Surveying

Land Surveyors are highly trained and skilled professionals in the science of measuring. If a land purchaser chooses a piece of land with no clear boundaries or demarcations, a land surveyor can measure both its horizontal and vertical dimensions. This will give a potential home builder proof of just how much land space they have to build upon.

Through the use of high-tech equipment, and employing the concepts of geography, physics and engineering, land surveying can also determine the condition of the land before the home builder begins to build. It is extremely helpful to the home builder to know if the land is quality land and in proper condition before construction begins.

Property Surveys for Home Building

Property surveys can help to document anything that may become an obstacle for the home builder. This process helps the contractor to be prepared ahead of time for any defects in the land that may halt or delay the project.  This can also save the homeowner time and money.

If some time has lapsed between the land survey and the beginning of the building process, it is best to have a surveyor conduct an up-to-date survey to see if the land has shifted, settled or if there are any changes in the terrain. This is crucial to know before beginning a home building project. Many homeowners find out about land issues much later after they have lived in and become attached to the home; for example, foundation problems, which can be very costly to repair, if they’re able to be repaired at all.

BLAZE Design

As you can see, land surveyors play a very vital role in the process of home building. The work they do and the information they provide for the homeowners, builders and contractors saves time, money and headaches in the future for the home dweller. If you’re looking to remodel your home or build an addition onto your house, contact BLAZE Design at 802-442-2892 today or visit us online for more information!