Hydrologic Studies in Preparation for Storms

Not all surveying is focused on land because when properties intersect with pipes or water bodies, they need to be inspected to recognize any flood or drainage risks that may exist. A hydrologic study is very important in the big picture, especially today when we’re seeing record-breaking storms around the country, as well as the globe.

What is a Hydrologic Study?

A hydrologic study focuses on our complex water systems, and just how much a catchment is retaining and storing water on a land surface. For example, that means whether or not a catch basin on site is effectively working to siphon water when it rains, or whether a property is dangerously close to a flood risk.

How is it conducted?

Like other areas of land surveying, a hydrologic study takes a number of things into consideration. Credentialed professional surveyors will analyze the catchment itself, its flow, the effect that rainfall has on said property, the existence of rocks or minerals on site (otherwise known as hydrogeology), and the flood risk posed to the property. Again, it requires a deep examination of the entire property, both above and below ground.

Why is it Important?

For many reasons. A property that is widely threatened by water can have serious implications for flooding during dangerous storms. By having a hydrologic study done, a property owner can examine the extent of the risks that exist, and just what exactly it is the property needs to be protected.

With severe storms, natural disasters, and other weather elements happening more frequently, hydrologic studies are more important than ever.

At BLAZE Design, we’ve offered hydrologic studies to several diverse clients, as it spans our expertise in land surveying. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us today!