Land Surveying After a Natural Disaster

land surveying after natural disaster

Natural Disasters are happening every year, and in the last few years, there have been some severe disasters in the United States. After a disaster, there’s quite a bit of work to be done to get everything back to normal, and one of them is land surveying.

After a natural disaster like a hurricane or a flood, a land survey has to be done in order to:

Re-establishing property boundaries – after a hurricane, flood, or earthquake, the boundaries are most likely to be off, so a land surveyor will have to come in and determine the lines. This can be a tricky situation after severe natural disasters that ruin land and neighborhoods.

Determine flood elevations – a change in elevation could make the property unsafe for rebuilding and a risk of flooding.

A land surveyor can help get things back to normal for a person’s land after a natural disaster.

A land surveyor can come up with a resolution for a property dispute, manage conflict, and protect your property rights. Since a disaster can throw boundaries and everything off, a land surveyor can bring everything back to the way it was. If you lose your home, it’s devastating, and a land surveyor’s job is to help the home owner get their life back together. A home owner would like everything to be back to the way it was, so if a new build needs to be done, a land surveyor will have to come in.

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