Land Surveying Safety Procedures


Safety is important when working on any job, but for some careers it is of utmost importance. Outdoor workers who work with many different colleagues and heavy equipment are at the top of this list.


A professional land surveyor has many responsibilities. They organize and direct one or more colleagues to survey portions of the earth, determining the exact location and measurements of elevations, lines and areas of contours for construction projects, mining, the division of land, mapmaking, and other projects that involve the need to record data for precise land description.


Following safety procedures in this job is key to the well-being of the surveyor and all other colleagues working on the project. Land surveyors work on many different types of outdoor projects and they need to be conscious and aware of the specific safety hazards of every survey job so they can take the proper precautions beforehand.


  • Many land surveyors spend time driving vehicles to and from job locations and often around construction sites. Surveyors need to be safe on the roads and highways and also particularly safe while driving in construction areas. They need to practice basic safe driving rules, such as always wearing a seatbelt, making sure that any equipment on the vehicle is secured, and utilizing the strobe light on survey vehicles.


  • Surveyors need to be certain that they are wearing the correct safety gear and clothing for the project they are working on; such as hard hats, protective footwear, and goggles if required. Every construction site will have its own rules, regulations, and requirements that need to be followed by all workers on the premises. It is a part of the land surveyor’s job to know what these safety rules entail.


  • When working in a remote area, alternative communication plans need to be put into place. Many times cell phone signals are weak or non-existent in these areas and the surveyor must have a way of communicating with other workers. This is a situation in which walkie-talkies often come in handy to assist surveyors with keeping in touch with colleagues.


  • Because surveyors are working outdoors, they need to take precautions when it comes to dealing with insects, animals, and poisonous weeds and plants that may be growing in the area. Sunscreen is also a very necessary safety precaution, as most surveyors spend many hours in the sun.


Though the land surveyor’s job may appear to be a relatively safe one, it is their interactions on job sites that include collaborating with many other workers and potentially dangerous equipment that makes it vital that they protect themselves and their colleagues by following strict safety guidelines for every project.