Problems that Land Surveyors Have

A land survey being done

Land surveying comes with many challenges that take some time to fix. Common issues aren’t quick fixes either. They can become headaches for land surveyors, and we would like to share those issues with you, so if you ever need surveying done, you can expect there might be some problems.

Most Common Issues

Owner’s Time Held on House – This means how much time an owner or owners have owned their property for. This can be a challenge to the land surveyor because there have been many changes made to the house or land during those years. They aren’t reflected in the original deed, and if it has been in the family for generations, it can be an issue. Some changes may never have been formally documented, which could cause the property lines to be mistaken.

Weather – We all know weather can be one of the most annoying things to deal with regardless of the situation. Spring can bring some wet and muddy situations for the land surveyor, which makes the job more difficult to get done. Shadows also can play a role in covering up some features in the property. Of course, snow is definitely a challenge with uncovering evidence of property lines. And when it’s cold enough for freezing, the surveying instruments may not operate as smoothly.

Model Laws – Different jurisdictions can have broad understandings of land surveying. Natural features and man-made features are used to represent or define the property. Other model laws can have less-broader definitions of the land, which can cause issues. If this is the case, this can be a challenge because the natural features and mapping may not be included.

Understanding the Job

Land Surveyors have a difficult task to complete, and it’s good to understand that it won’t be just a quick fix for the home owner or other parties. There are plenty of things to dodge when it comes to the job itself, so if you’re looking for a land surveyor, contact BLAZE Design Inc. at 802-442-2892 for more information and how we can help!