The Day to Day of a Land Surveyor

Land Surveying Job InformationIf you are a home or business owner then there is a chance that you have either hired or worked with a land surveyor, but have you ever wondered what they do or how they do it? If you have ever had an interest in this noble profession, then read on and see what it is all about.

In essence, a land surveyor is an individual who works to determine the three-dimensional position of a surface of the earth.

This information aids them in learning maps and boundaries for ownership. This information is beneficial in several cases including finding building corners and the compilation of important data for property sales.

Land surveys are highly recommended for home buyers because it is important to know what land you own in the case of building a new house or expanding an existing one. They can find the perimeter of your land, but they can also discover defects in a home buyer’s property which could help that potential buyer better negotiate the price of their new home.

We have all heard the stories of neighbors disputing where a fence dividing their properties should be, surveyors are the ones who come in to resolve these situations.

Land surveyors use a number of tools to determine property boundaries, one of the most common of them being the optical level. Usually set up on a tripod, this level starts from a benchmark and uses it as a starting point to map out the surrounding elevations and perimeters.

In addition to being able to report the contours of your land, surveyors are also familiar with the requirements of your particular state so knowledge of the many state laws is necessary.

In summary, the job of a land surveyor takes patience and an attention to detail, and it is an instrumental part in the construction of just about every land development project.

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