The Evolution of Land Surveying


The profession of land surveying is in fact one of the oldest in the world, dating back to 2700 BC in Egypt during the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Since then, the practice has been viewed with the utmost significance as it determines boundaries and ownership of land. You see, the importance of surveying and measuring this land was recognized well before there was adequate technology to perfect it and it has paved the way for the modern practice that we know today.


When land surveying was still in its evolving stages, the results were not always accurate. This was not due to the fault or inability of the surveyor, but rather the tools that they had access to. For example, one method of measurement was that of using chains with links that have a certain known length while another was the use of a – poor quality – compass to measure horizontal angles. These days, land surveyors like those in Shaftsbury, VT at BLAZE Design Inc. have access to much more accurate tools, such as the GPS, or Global Positioning System.


As time has gone by, not only have the tools and techniques used by a land surveyor advanced, but their role has evolved as well. While a surveyor’s skills are still imperative for determining property lines and land ownership, their services have grown to have a farther reach. From establishing permits and providing construction support, to aiding in commercial and industrial site design and residential/commercial development, there are plenty of projects that could use the assistance of a qualified and experienced land surveyor – like David Spurr and his team at BLAZE Design Inc.


Land Surveying has been around for an immensely long time and as each year passes, the tools and techniques used are perfected more and more.  For quality and cost-effective surveying services in New York or Vermont, give BLAZE Design a call today.