The Importance of Illustrations in Land Surveys

Neighborhood mapping

Land surveying encompasses many different tasks for a surveyor, especially considering different situations. A professional land surveyor like BLAZE Design Inc. will have to do some research, especially when it involves boundaries and easements.. There will be a description of the property. Along with the description, a map is quite important in the land surveying process. The surveyor can draw a sketch or map showing a picture of the written deed description.  

The Benefits of a Map in Land Surveying

Descriptions of land are necessary in the landscape of land surveying, but an illustration is always a help because it’s a visual layout. Most people can read along with a visual map much better than a description. An illustration will show the perimeter of a plot of land, including buildings and other structures. If a physical building on the property was taken down, the map would show where it was.

Aerial maps also help to portray the physical features of a land plot. Many land surveyors discover old maps of the land from long ago, or even more recent ones. Any map drawn up of the property will serve a purpose when conducting a survey

  • Points out structures on the property accurately (home) 
  • Property lines and any variances for compliance with zoning laws
  • Improvements to the property (indicate issues prior to disagreements of gardens, garages, sheds)

Hire a Professional Land Surveyor

A land surveyor is needed for many different things involving your property. Adding on to your home or buying a new piece of land is going to need a survey done. Hiring the professional and trusted land surveyor is necessary to avoiding any property disputes and legal issues. Contact BLAZE Design Inc. at 802-442-2892 today if you’re looking to add a fence, shed, and much more!