The Importance of Land Surveying Today

Land Surveying Population growth is reaching unprecedented levels across the world. Having breached 7.1 billion, the concentration in world population is centered in the East, such as China and India. Domestically speaking, the population growth is gobbling up residential and commercial land faster than ever.

The population of the US surpassed 300 million for the first time nearly 5 years ago, having grown by 2 million in a one year period. And it is far from the fastest growing country in the world. Regardless, with the explosion in land use across the US and Canada, our growing population is using an increasingly growing amount of land.

Shopping malls and suburban residential development is consuming massive tracts of land, especially out west where space is vast. Subsequently, the demand for land surveying is quickly growing. Though not quite a recession proof job, as you can ask many surveyors in Florida, Arizona and California just emerging from the recession, it will always be in demand to some degree.

The job of a land surveyor is of monumental importance to construction. It is the first line of defense, so to speak, in moving forward with a project. Not only do they determine property boundaries based on precise measurement, they are crucial to determine if a project will work at a certain location based on such concrete factors as the curvature of the earth and proximity to natural geological characteristics, such as bodies of water and cliffs.

With an ever increasing demand, land surveying is booming in importance. As population booms, land use will explode. And one thing that will never change with population growth is people are going to need new places to live and shop. After all, development cannot even being until land surveyors give the ok!