Understanding Types of Residential Land Surveys

Land Surveying Information When you call on a surveying company to conduct a residential land survey for you, there will be a few different kinds of land surveys that you will need to choose from.

It is important to pick a land survey that will best meet your needs, based on your specific reasons for obtaining a survey in the first place.

Let’s take a closer look at three of the most common types of residential land surveys:

Boundary Survey

While conducting a boundary survey, a land surveying company will establish the boundaries of a particular property. They will also determine where the property corners are located and create a drawing that details the placement of permanent structures, any above-ground utilities that exist, and potential encroachments on a property.

Mortgage Survey

When you are trying to obtain a mortgage on a home, a lender will often require you to get what is called a mortgage survey. This type of survey will make note of where structures are located on a property. It will also note any fences, driveways, and utilities in addition to any encroachments that could potentially make giving you a mortgage more of a risk than a lender is prepared to take.

Topographical Survey

In some cases, you may want a residential survey that shows more than just property lines and structures. You may also be interested in getting a survey that shows the various elevation points located within a property. A topographical survey will measure elevation points and illustrate them by utilizing contour lines on a drawing. It can come in handy when building a new structure on a piece of residential property.

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