What is Land Use Planning, and Why Is It Important?

Land Surveyors conduct land use planning

Land use planning is extremely important for a wide range of projects you might have. Before you start building something on a new plot, it’s important to have someone help plan the project due to the amount of technical details you’ll have to pay attention to in order for the project to run smoothly.

What is the Purpose of Land Use Planning?

When purchasing a piece of property to build on, it’s like a fresh start. You have the land to work with for whatever you want to build, but there comes a stipulation. In order for you to build a home, barn, commercial building, shed, or any other type of structure, you have to make sure the plans are concrete and legal when it comes to zoning and structural details.

Land Use Planning conducted by a professional like BLAZE Design Inc. will allow you to plan your project thoroughly around the particular features and aspects of your property. Since every piece of land is different, you’ll need to have a Land Use Plan in order to make sure the building will be set up properly, or any other structure will be built perfectly.

What Factors Play into Land Use Planning?

Every piece of land has different features and aspects. When conducting land use planning, we will take into consideration terrain features, flood risks, contamination, zoning, property lines, and more!

The Benefits of Land Use Planning:

  • Supports Zoning Decisions
  • Defends Against Challenges in Court
  • Identifies Environmental Features

Land Use Planning Process:

  • Check Land Suitability
  • Establish Goals & Baseline
  • Determine Priorities and Discuss Alternatives
  • Analyze Issues
  • Implement and Revise Plan

BLAZE Design Inc.

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