Building a Home and Land Surveying

family getting land survey before new build

You have land, and you want to build a new home on it. The first thing you need to do is acquire a land survey before starting to build. It’s a complicated process when you have the desire to build on your land, especially a new house.

Why Land Surveying is Important

A Land surveyor will come in and determine flood zones, property lines, encroachments from neighbors, lot dimensions, and building setbacks. Before your new construction, getting a land survey done by a professional like BLAZE Design highly recommended. The process of building a new home can be complicated, but you can make it easier on yourself by taking the right steps, so that in the future, you’ll have your back covered when a problem arises.

What is the Process?

A land surveyor will come in and make sure your new build is planned out correctly related to property lines and other disputes. A land survey might have already been done, so they will have to review the old one to make the new one. There could have been changes made throughout the years since the last survey, so it’s highly important to get a new one done before the new build.

  • Research – information will be gathered from county’s courthouse and other government agencies. Previous land survey will be tracked down for the new one.
  • Fieldwork – measuring of existing section corners, monuments, and boundary lines. Fences, field and yard divisions are considered boundary lines.
  • Notes and paperwork – After fieldwork, paperwork will be written, which includes certificates and legal description, surveying report, and diagram of survey.
  • New Corners – Finalizing the new property corners after paperwork is done.
  • Signings – The client will have to sign papers.

Building a new house is a great idea if you have a vision and idea in your mind about how you’d like to live. Before you start building, you need to do your research into all the steps need to take. Land surveying will be able to help you in the future with property issues and disputes. If you have a recent survey done for a new home, you’ll have the evidence to back you up if an issue arises.

Contact BLAZE Design Inc. at 802-442-2892 today if you have land, and you’re planning to build a new home. We can help you with your land survey, so that you don’t have to worry in the future.