Common Misconceptions Surrounding Land Surveying

Determining property lines in a land survey

Having your land surveyed can give you an idea about where the definitive boundary of your property lies. This can come in handy if you are interested in installing any type of addition to your property, including storm water management systems or fences and so much more. However, there are many myths contiguous to land surveying.

A Surveyor is Not Necessary If You Can Find the Stakes

This is not necessarily true. Hiring a land surveyor can confirm or deny that the edge of your property is in fact defined by the stakes. If circumstances arise that require you to take judicial action, stakes with no backing by a current land surveying will not hold up in court.

The Fencing Around Your Property is the Property Line

In most cases, fences were constructed where the property line was assumed to be. The only way to be 100 percent sure is to hire a land surveyor.

Surveying is Extremely Expensive

In the grand scheme of things, hiring a land surveyor is an investment. If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to define your property line and you cannot, this can end up costing you thousands of dollars.

The Land Has Already Been Surveyed Years Ago, So You Don’t Need Another

Having your land re-surveyed can bring about different results. This could be beneficial in the case that the previous survey is in question. By hiring a land surveyor to conduct a new survey, you have the added benefit of new technology which will ultimately give you better and more accurate results.

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