Drones Prove Useful in Surveying & Mapping

Using drones in land surveying services

Drones have become an incredible tool for many different industries. When it comes to surveying and mapping, drones prove to be much more useful in the process of land surveying for several different projects. When drones are used by land surveyors for different jobs, it has been rather beneficial for productivity, planning, mapping, and collecting accurate data on the jobsite.

Drone Surveys

“Put simply, a drone survey is an aerial survey conducted by a drone. Using sensors, such as RGB or multispectral cameras, or LiDAR payloads, drones can capture a vast quantity of data, quickly. Aerial surveys combine the sensors along with survey-grade ground points and aerial targets to accurately align the data to the ground.”

Drone surveys serve the purpose of gathering information and data to a piece of land from an aerial view that you can’t get from the ground. Land surveyors use drone technology because it makes the job easier, but it also creates more accurate and precise data.

Benefits of Drones in Surveying

When surveyors go out to a piece of land for different types of surveying, the terrains are never the same. This is why drone surveying proves useful for the industry.

  • Improving the Quality of the Data – Drones improve the quality of the data due to the technology and high resolution capturing of a specific area.
  • Reducing the Cost of Surveying – The vantage points of the drone help to gather data and info that humans can’t physically do. This helps to cut costs.
  • Quicker and More Efficient – Drones will scan acres of land in no time. Humans do not have the ability to do this, which means surveying jobs can get done quicker and more efficiently.
  • Safety and Operational Risks – With drones, you won’t have to worry about safety issues on the jobsite. With employee safety and no risk, it makes the job much easier.

BLAZE Design Inc. Land Surveying Services

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