Land Surveys Determine Cell Tower Location

If you own a company that is going to be building a cell tower sometime soon or if you own property that you’re planning on leasing to a company that is going to build a cell tower, it’s important to have a land survey done first.

Specifically, you need to have a comprehensive cell tower ALTA survey done prior to starting construction on a cell tower.

An ALTA land survey is a survey that is done in accordance with the strict guidelines that have been created by the American Land Title Association, better known as ALTA, in conjunction with the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping. During an ALTA survey, a survey company will measure and mark the boundaries of a piece of property like normal. But they’ll also include details about things like topography, any elevations and/or easements that exist on a property, and even information about nearby properties. These details need to be included to make sure a property is right for a cell tower.

If you were to put up a cell tower without conducting an ALTA land survey first, there’s a chance that a cell tower wouldn’t be put into the right position to do its job. There’s also a chance that you could run into all sorts of legal issues later as a result of where you chose to erect your cell tower. An ALTA land survey will help you take everything about a parcel of land into consideration before you build a cell tower or lease your land so that someone else can do it.

BLAZE Design, Inc. has experience with surveying land to determine cell tower location. We can check out a piece of property for you and tell you if it’s right for the purpose of building a cell tower. Call us at 802-442-2892 today to obtain our land surveying services.