Professional vs. GPS: Why You Need a Pro Surveyor

Most people commonly associate GPS with driving directions. But the truth is that GPS is being used in many different walks of life these days and helping to get jobs done.

GPS and SurveyingFor example, the surveying industry has started to rely on GPS more and more when it comes to doing things like establishing property lines and conducting surveying jobs. GPS has provided the industry with fairly accurate results and has started to replace some of the surveying tools that have been used for years now. But GPS is not without its faults, and if you need a formal survey completed at your property, it’s still a good idea to call on a professional surveyor to get the job done right.

One of the biggest problems with GPS – as you might know from using it while driving – is that it relies on satellite signals to receive and transmit information. While those satellite signals usually come through accurately in most situations, there are some things that can cause interference and prevent GPS from delivering accurate survey readings. Trees, tall buildings and other obstacles can block satellite signals in certain areas and slow GPS or stop it from working entirely.

GPS is also incapable of measuring some important aspects of a survey, like elevation. There is a way for surveyors to get around this and figure out elevation, but the time-consuming process that is required takes away the convenience factor of using GPS in the first place, essentially negating the benefit.

GPS is also not precise to the degree called for in a survey. Think about how often you’ve turned on your GPS and it’s showed you anywhere from a few feet to a few miles away from where you actually are. With a GPS signal, you can get pretty close to exact results – but not exact results. The technology continues to improve, but isn’t yet perfect, and nothing is as accurate as actually standing on the ground and taking real measurements in real time.

The next time you need a survey done, you should count on a trusted surveyor to do the job. BLAZE Design has more than 30 years of surveying experience and offers surveying services that are far more accurate than any GPS. We promise that you will be satisfied with your surveying experience, and you will sleep better knowing that a professional did the job as opposed to a piece of technology. Learn more or request a survey at your property today by calling us at 802-442-2892.