Understanding a Boundary Survey

Man Performing Boundary SurveyWhen you buy a property, you’re going to want to know what that property entails including its size and its boundaries. And sometimes, finding that out is more complicated than one might think. That’s where a boundary survey comes in.

A boundary survey is one of the most common land surveys performed for public use and requires an experienced hand to get the job done.

To start, a hired surveyor will look to historical documents of the land to create a foundation—what were the boundaries states on the original land deed, or title certificates? Once those details are known, prior boundary assessments, if ever done, will be inspected to see if any changes have taken place, or if any mistakes were made. This allows the surveyor to create a blueprint of the property.

Then, it becomes time to test out the records. For this, the hired surveyor will physically measure the boundaries him or herself, and compare them to the records. This will be done several times, to ensure accuracy, and the average vis-a-vis the records will be the final measurement. To make measurements easier in the future, markers or stakes may be added to the property.

At this point, it’s worth having the land surveyor take you through your property, so you yourself understand where the property ends. Because in the end, it’ll be the property owner who will need to know this information, should any projects or renovations be planned. But just knowing that information is vital—it’s your property, and you should know everything you can about it.

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