Weather Can Affect Land Surveying

Winter snow and land surveyor overlooking city

Professional land surveyors know that the job is anything but mundane. There are always new challenges, and Mother Nature is not always on our side, especially in a state like Vermont, where we experience all extremes on a yearly basis. As the winter season approaches, land surveying can become tricky, but something that can be worked around.

Here are a few common weather conditions that land surveyors face and how to work through them.

Spring Season Hurtles

In the spring season, rain can always be an issue, and that includes while it is raining and even the day after. Since surveying is an outdoor job, it is a good idea to dress appropriately and to protect your equipment should a rainstorm occur. If you think that it might rain that day, be sure to dress warmly because being cold and miserable will result in messy work.

In many cases, surveying does not get easier the day after a rainstorm. One reason is due to the messy mud that can often develop. If you work in the woods, you might have additional trouble because, in heavily wooded areas, the water dripping from the leaves can make it seem like the rain continues even after the clouds disappear. Be careful to protect yourself in these situations.

Winter is Coming

If you work in the winter season during a particularly snowy year, you can have bigger issues. While snow can often be gorgeous to look at, it also has a habit of covering everything that you need to see while on the job. A thick layer of snow can cover dangerous obstacles and essential sights such as property corners, flagging, and downed fences that you need to see to be able to complete your work.

Even the sunniest days can create challenges. On sunny days, the sun can often play tricks by creating shadows where you don’t want them.

Extreme Temperatures and the Land Surveying Equipment

On both sides of the seasonal spectrum, there can be extreme temperatures that could be dangerous to you and your equipment. Keep in mind that most surveying equipment has limits for when it should be used. For example, some equipment can only be used between -4°F to 122°F. While you won’t typically be caught working during a 122-degree day, when the heat bounces up from hot asphalt and hits your equipment on a particularly warm day, it could spell trouble.

Finally, you always want to be careful when working during days that are windier than usual. Not only can it be difficult to stand still and concentrate when it is windy but strong gusts could effectively cause your workstation to become unleveled.

At Blaze Design Inc., we know all about surveying land during the varying forms of Vermont weather, and we take pride in performing our best no matter what the weather. Contact us today to learn more about our services.