What Vermont Homeowners Can Do to Prepare for Floods

For homeowners, it can be unexpected and dangerous: flash flooding that can potentially harm or permanently destroy your property. In Vermont, it’s happening more often than you think.

According to meteorologists, the record warmth we’re experiencing this season could bring with it an increased likelihood of floods statewide.

Now is the best time to be prepared for the worst in the event of a Vermont flood.

Many other residents have documented the ice jam activity in the rivers, such as this resident in Moretown, Vermont. Many of these residents had to evacuate due to the tumultuous conditions.

Inside the Home

In terms of structure, homeowners should ensure their lowest floor is above what’s known as Base Flood Elevation (BFE), or the level at which that floor would flood in a 1-in-a-100-year event. Anything electrical—HVAC systems, duct work, or other utilities—above the BFE should also be raised, and made flood-proof, in order to reduce costs on potential repairs. Fuel tanks also pose a danger during flooding, because a spill could cause a fire. As a result, these tanks must be anchored to the floor, which may involve consulting your fuel company.

Flood-Resistant Building Materials

Below the BFE, homeowners should look to install flood-resistant materials. FEMA suggests a few materials that would prove beneficial during a flood:

  • Tiles instead of carpeting
  • Insulation and gypsum wallboard
  • Waterproof veneer applied to exterior walls
  • Flood vents should be installed in foundation walls or garages , allowing water to drain in and out.

Sewage Concerns

The final step concerns a home’s sewage system, which can prove detrimental in a flash flood. In order to prevent any potential sewage backflow, it’s recommended that homeowners install a backflow valve to the sewer system—another crucial step in preparing for the worst.

With our extensive expertise in FEMA flood studies for Vermont homeowners, BLAZE Design fully recognizes the threat that floods can pose to residential properties. With something this serious, you won’t want to take any chances. Get ready today.