When to Hire a Land Surveyor


It seems as though you can spot a land surveyor just about anywhere, but for those not in the know, it can be unclear what that surveyor is actually doing and why they’re doing it. Will there ever come a time where you yourself will need to call on one of these professionals? If so, how will you know when that time has come?


There are indeed quite a few instances where you would need to have a professional land survey conducted. We find that it’s extremely important to be aware of these, especially when it comes to real estate projects.


     Before You Buy – Before you purchase a property, you may think that you know who to call. Real estate agents, appraisers and home inspectors are the most obvious of choices, but you’re not really going to want to go anywhere without calling a land surveyor. This will help you to establish where your boundary lines lie, so you’ll be aware of exactly what you’re paying for.


     Before Construction – Just as you’d want to know where your property lines lie, others want you to know where their lines lie as well. Before anything is built, you need to be conscious of the space you have available to you. Taking into consideration how expensive a construction project can be, you certainly don’t want to pay for the labor and cost of materials before you know how far you can take your plans.


     Before You Sell – When we sell our home, we want two things: to sell it quick and to sell it at a good price. By having your property surveyed by a professional before listing, your chances of achieving both will actually increase. If you wait for a potential buyer to hire their own surveyor and a problem arises, you may just lose your buyer.


     Encroachment – So you may not be going anywhere this time but it seems like your neighbors are making some moves over there. When people decide to remodel or expand on their homes, boundary lines may be unintentionally crossed. Skip the arguments and just call up your local land surveyor. A quick survey can help to make sure that everyone stays in their own respective spaces, and manages to keep the peace as well.


Of course, these are just a few ways in which professional land surveying services can come in handy, but they’re should be enough to get you started. If you have any additional questions about when it may be a good time to call up a professional surveyor, give BLAZE Designs Inc. a call today. We’d be more than happy to provide you with answers.