Why You Should Hire a Land Surveyor Before Buying or Building a New Home

Land Surveying before new home construction

Building your dream home is an exciting opportunity for you and your family. You can literally watch your imagination spring to life from the ground up, and designing the unique aspects of your new home is often both fun and fulfilling.

Buying an existing property can also be a perfect way of upgrading your living situation. Perhaps you’re looking for a classic house with a rich history in the neighborhood you want to live, or buying an existing home is the most cost effective situation for you.

Land Surveying Before a New Home

Regardless, one of the first things to take into consideration is hiring a land surveyor before you commit to the purchase. This can help pinpoint any potential problems that may arise several years down the road. The survey will show you any property encroachments, like a neighbor’s fence or porch coming too close or even over the property line.

It can also affect your own future plans. For example, the survey would show if a corner was missing from the land, meaning that if you wanted to put up something like a fence around the perimeter, you could be limited or risk encroaching on a neighbor’s property.

Insurance Investment

The survey also protects your investment, because property is a very large and typically decade-long investment. It shows the dimensions, size, and location of the property and any significant landscaping (like a driveway or carport).

If you were interested in selling a portion of the property, the survey will let you know up front what regulations can possibly inhibit your plans. The surveyor can even advise you of the process to work through those regulations, and they might even be able to represent your interests before the county or city planning committees.

Professional Land Surveying Services

Surveys have the potential to save you time, money, and aggravation later on in life!  If you’re looking for a dependable land surveyor in Bennington County, be sure to give BLAZE Design Inc. a call at 802.442.2892 today.