Winter Is The Perfect Time to Start Land Surveying Projects


So far, we’ve gotten pretty lucky around the Shaftsbury area when it comes to the snowfall. However, when the time does come and we begin to see more and more flurries sticking to the ground, don’t lose our number too quickly! A little bit of snow won’t put a stopper in any of your land surveying plans.


BLAZE Design, Inc. is able to conduct land surveys all year for both our commercial and residential clients. We understand that the spring and summer months bring a variety of new and exciting projects, which means that no time can be wasted. Instead of waiting around, hoping for the snow to disappear day in and day out, just give us a call. Right now is a perfect time for us to get out into the woods and begin surveying for all of your boundary, subdivision and topographic needs. We aren’t limited to the days of sunshine!


Right now is when construction companies are less busy, as the more ideal time for them to take on projects is during those warmer months. All the more reason to call a land surveying company during the winter. This allows you to get a head start in the planning process so that when the spring time does come around, you can just dive right into the construction aspect.


Don’t waste any more time waiting for things to thaw out! Call us today and get a jump start on your project!