Home Projects During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Building a shed on your property

During the lockdown and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s rather easy to become stir crazy. If you have a home, and you’re looking to do some home projects to keep yourself busy, here are some suggestions. Obviously, if you’ve been meaning to get some of these projects done for some time now, why not start on them now when you have the time. 

We understand that these may be bigger projects than you were thinking, but they can keep you busy for quite a while. 

Build a Small Shed on Your Property

Adding a small storage shed in your backyard comes with great benefits. Doing it yourself is simple to do if you have the right tools, materials, and preparation beforehand. 

Land Surveying – Before you even start, hiring a land surveyor is a necessity to building a shed on your property. With Coronavirus closing down non-essential businesses, land surveyors and contractors are a part of essential business. A land surveyor’s importance in additions to your property is high. The benefits include: 

  • Eliminate and settle disputes
  • Determine boundary lines
  • Legal approval based on dimensions

For more information on building a shed and hiring a land surveyor, check out our blog

For Larger Home Projects:

For larger home projects such as building a fence, you’ll most definitely need to acquire a land survey because of the issue with property lines. If you’re building an addition onto your house, a land survey will be necessary to determine that the structure or expansion does not encroach your neighbor’s property. 

A land survey for these types of projects involves building codes and public safety, which means building codes involving electricity, plumbing, and building safety play a major role into the project. It’s beneficial for yourself to not have to move a shed after it’s built due to technicality issues or disputes. 

BLAZE Design Inc. 

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