The Importance of FEMA (Flood Certifications)

The reason why flood certifications are so necessary is the fact that they act as confirmation of a real estate property or zone’s flood status.  As FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) uses maps to examine specific addresses or geographic coordinates, they are in turn able to certify whether or not a property is in a high-risk flood zone.

FEMA Benefits for the Home Buyer

When it comes to the sale of real estate property, a FEMA Flood Certification is extremely beneficial to a potential buyer. If the buyer is financing the property, the lender will take on the responsibility of having the FEMA certification done – but the buyer takes on the expense. The reason why this certification is so important to the lender is because they will want to make sure that the property is not susceptible to being destroyed in the event of a flood.

Some potential real estate buyers may not understand how important the FEMA maps are when it comes to purchasing, but it only takes one day of catastrophic floods to destroy an investment or worse, a home. These types of floods affect many people: property owners, neighborhoods, entire communities, and townships. They are natural disasters that cause a ripple effect of devastation.

Hurricanes and Severe Tropical Storms

We have all seen the devastation that floods can cause in communities and towns across the country. From severe tropical storms to hurricanes, these natural disasters and storms allow some people to discover FEMA for the first time, becoming familiar with the emergency work they can accomplish in flood disasters.

Homes are not the only things that are ruined by floods, but the infrastructure of towns and cities can also be torn apart by flood waters. With better technology, FEMA flood studies are able to aid in presenting flood risk data to a home or business owner so they will be well informed on the possibilities. Don’t wait until it’s already too late – call in the help of a local land surveyor and have a professional FEMA flood study done; you’ll be glad you did.