Why a Land Survey is Important for Your Solar Installation

Solar panels on property after land surveying

Solar power has become more popular recently in the United States as focus on renewable energy has increased. Solar installations allow us to convert the natural energy of sunlight into electricity, saving money and helping the environment in the process.

But if you’re considering a solar installation of any kind, it’s important to do a land survey first to ensure your process is as efficient as possible. Here are some benefits to having a land survey done before you install anything.

Confirming Boundaries

First things first: if your land is large and especially if it’s located in an area that’s not densely populated, there’s a chance you don’t know exactly what the boundaries of your property are. A land survey will help ensure that you are only operating on your own property.

Efficient Panel Placement

Placement is key to the efficiency of a solar panel. You get the most bang for your buck when your panel receives the most possible sunlight. A survey will help you understand which areas on your property typically receive the most sunlight and, thus, where your installation should be placed. This additionally ensures that panels aren’t too shaded, which can lead to them becoming non-functional.

Aid in Model Creation

Once your land survey is complete, you can use its findings to build a three-dimensional model of your property. This will allow you to test how the installations will affect your land and determine if the area is suitable for solar installations.

Identifying Topographical Issues

You’ll want your solar installation placed on level ground to ensure it functions properly. A topographical survey will help you better understand the terrain of your property. This will show you the amount of change you will need to make to your land, if any, to achieve peak efficiency.

If you need a land survey done before your solar installation or for any other reason, BLAZE Design Inc. is here for you. We have experience completing all types of surveys for residential and commercial customers. Call 802-442-2892 to learn more today.