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The Beneficial Role of Topographic Surveys in Shaftsbury VT

Neighborhood mapping

In the rolling hills and picturesque landscapes of Shaftsbury, Vermont, land development is an intricate dance between human aspirations and the natural contours of the terrain. Enter the unsung hero: the topographic survey. We’ll explore how these surveys become the bedrock for effective planning and development, ensuring that Shaftsbury’s beauty is not just preserved but… Read more »

Instances Where a Land Survey Proves Useful

Land surveying during construction

At BLAZE Design Inc., not only do we think land surveying is needed for any major land-related undertaking, but also, it can prove useful in a handful of scenarios that many people do not immediately think of. Here are a few instances where it’s good to have a land survey done: Construction Projects Most municipalities… Read more »

When You Need a Topographic Survey

Surveying for residential property

A topographic survey offers an ideal way to identify and map the surface features of the terrain in a given area. This very accurate system accounts for all of the existing objects in the area, from major features like trees, buildings and streets to every smaller item including manholes, retaining walls and utility poles. These… Read more »

Why a Land Survey is Important for Your Solar Installation

Solar panels on property after land surveying

Solar power has become more popular recently in the United States as focus on renewable energy has increased. Solar installations allow us to convert the natural energy of sunlight into electricity, saving money and helping the environment in the process. But if you’re considering a solar installation of any kind, it’s important to do a… Read more »

Benefits of Re-Sloping Your Land Before Construction

If you have a piece of land that you’re looking to build on, there is quite a bit of work to do in preparation. One major obstacle to get over is re-sloping. Not every piece of land will need this done, but many do. Re-sloping your land will make building a home, barn, shed, or… Read more »

What is a Topographic Survey Used for?

Topography in the surveying industry is very useful. A topographic survey is essentially a 3-D map of a 3-D property portraying all the natural elements and man-made features of a property. If you’re an avid hiker that uses specific trail applications, you’ll know that the topographic maps play a big role in navigating your hike…. Read more »

Different Types of Land Surveys

construction layout during land surveying

Land Surveying is an important subject, especially if you’re a homeowner, you’re building a home, or you’re in construction. There are many different things that go into surveys. All of them are important and vital for different reasons. Here are some that you should be paying attention to: Boundary Survey – A boundary survey with… Read more »