Is the Estate ‘Real’? Why to Survey When Buying or Selling a Home

Is the Estate ‘Real’? Why to Survey When Buying or Selling a Home

Is the Estate ‘Real’? Why to Survey When Buying or Selling a HomeAfter enduring some struggles over the course of the last decade, the housing market is in excellent shape right now. In fact, according to one CNBC report that was released at the end of March, the seller’s market is stronger than it has been in years at the moment and many real estate agents are having trouble keeping up with all of the buyers and sellers who are looking to move their properties.. With the breakneck pace many markets are seeing, it seems that almost as soon as a home is listed there are already multiple offers from potential buyers.

But despite the success that sellers are having, buyers and sellers should still keep in mind that it’s incredibly important for a survey to be done on a property before a sale takes place.

Land surveys are very important to buyers because it will let them know exactly what they are buying. By having a survey performed to verify that property lines and boundaries are accurate and correct, the new owner won’t run into any issues down the road if they decide to put up a new fence or throw up a shed, a gazebo or another small building. Land surveys also let buyers know the precise dimensions of their new property and protect them from finding out that their land is actually smaller than they thought when they go to sell one day. Overall, land surveys are designed to ensure that buyers know what they are getting into when they make a purchase.

Land surveys are also very important to sellers because it will give them to confidence to market their properties properly. The last thing a seller needs is to sell a property and prepare to move only to find out that they don’t necessarily own all of the land that they thought they did. It could impact the price of a home, and it could also force a buyer to second-guess or withdraw their purchase offer. So getting land surveys done before a home hits the market is the way to go.

Finally a survey can sometimes also identify potential hazards or concerns that neither the buyer nor the seller had considered. For example, identifying that a slope on the property could erode with a heavy storm and lead to flooding could mean that remediation work is necessary or that flood insurance is a must for the new owner. Surveying offers a great deal of tangible information and can be invaluable in making sure you have all the information needed to make a purchase or sale.

Whether you are planning on buying or selling a home soon, getting a land survey done is the right move to make. Put the “real” in “real estate” and contact BLAZE Design for the surveying services you need before you buy or sell. Call us at 802-442-2892 today to learn more about how our services can benefit you.

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