How to Handle Neighbors and Land Survey Issues

How to Handle Neighbors and Land Survey Issues

How to Handle Neighbors and Land Survey Issues When deciding to buy or build a new house, one of the first and most important duties is to have a land survey completed.

Getting a land survey is your chance to understand the boundaries of your home so you can plan your residence accordingly.

It is important to respect these land boundaries, but there are instances where the boundaries are crossed. Whether intentional or unintentional, there are times where you will discover that a neighbor has their property on your side of the border line. If this happens, you should absolutely take action.

Talk it Out

When facing a land dispute, the first step should be to approach your neighbor and express your concerns. It is essential that you have your land survey results in hand so that you have proof to back up your statements.

Use an Attorney

If you are unsure of what to discuss with your neighbor then get the opinion of a real estate attorney, and they can guide you on what to say and what not to say. Have them look over your survey and then give you any and all legal options. If you are still not comfortable, then get the assistance of a mediation service if one is available in your neighborhood.

Work Together on Shared Fences

When both you and your neighbor have a fence that is properly placed on the property line, it is the responsibility of both sides to care for the fence. These responsibilities include maintenance and paying for repairs. The fence may not be torn down without the agreement of both parties.

Involve the Authorities

In the most aggressive cases, you may have a neighbor that absolutely refuses to respect the property boundaries displayed by the land survey. In this rare case, do not attempt to take matters into your own hands. Instead, contact the police for a quick and safe solution.

If you’re busy building your dream home, let BLAZE Design Inc. complete a land survey for you so you understand your property lines from the very beginning.

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